Soy lo que como

metáfora visual en donde se asocian los utensilios ordinarios de comida con la alimentación del intelecto. Así como mantenemos una dieta equilibrada para cuidar nuestro cuerpo, en esta representación lo que se manifiesta es la dieta a base de palabras para conseguir una mente en forma.

Las “gafas-cuchara” que acompañan al “plato-libro” complementan todo lo citado anteriormente, invirtiendo los papeles: si en la primera pieza el elemento asociado a lo intelectual “libro” pasa a convertirse en “alimento” para la sabiduría, en este caso, un utensilio cotidiano para la alimentación como son un par de cucharas, se transforman en lentes, elemento para la lectura que  secunda al libro citado.

Este grupo ha sido expuesto en la exposición itinerante de libros de artista “metamorfosis según…”

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Robín dijo...

Muy potito, casi ocurrente y más que cierto además. Paso a copiar lo que le escribí -en inglés, porque no
habla bien español- a una alemana que vive en Londres, el otro día; con la advertencia de : "¡Cuidado con la palabra feroz!" sin olvidar de ninguna forma que : "¡La lectura es el robo!"

Lo podría haber traducido, pero la vagancia no me lo aconseja:

You said : "When humanity became possessed by thought instead of using it". Did you mean, rather, words, instead of thought ? I mean words become, after a while independant, live at their own and might pervert thought; so they are incredibly important; if i would write , as writers used -and misused, i´d try to write just to say and be convincing saying it: "Be careful with the fierce word !"; use it ; do not let him use you; one single incorrect use of a word, will kill , deform, render useless the rest; what you want to say, and even worse, you might not even be able to discover what you want to say: But thought is not and must never be, an enemy of life and living; spanish has some nice words and some not so nice, english might be a slightly more precise language than latin ones; i am sorry i do not know german; le français est lourd dans sa présentation par l´écriture, trop habillé; il faut savoir qu´il n´y a pas de mots heureux; que no hay palabras felices; que tú puedes querer y que a todos nos cuesta amar; siento mucho la parte en inglés que será un desastre probable; Paris est une fête.

Petra is rereading the same book for the 10 th time. And she is not the only one. There are people who say they have read El Quijote doubly the number of fingers in one hand; discovering each time new beauties and truths in the book. I have myself read 3 or 4 times some of the short stories of Borges, with a greater pleasure each time. Yesterday i read an interview in a spanish newpaper where a Yale professor of literature said world would be different if Shakespeare had not existed. There is a guy in my town, Petra, who told me he is Shakespeare (that he was) and i know now, if this is true, what a genious looks like; he asked me if i loved theatre, and i said theater is great for literary invention, but you still have to read the text before watching the play, and i said also my imagination is scarce to be inventing theatrical or novelled situations; he said i´ll get it; old men are optimistic; but i only recently understood this could be true. When i talked to him i did not understand who they said he was.
And now, Petra, there is the problem of thinking; if you read: "beware when you think; thinking might be a trap"; you still must think to understand it; you might escape from literature; it is harder to escape from philosophy, this is why i prefer to say "beware of the fierce words", learn to think without using the heavy and traitor words; they mean whatever they want; and yes, do not use labels at all, do not classify . Classifying is puting in a jail. Of course i understand we do not need to be always thinking nor analysing everything.
You might just want to go to the country and watch apples falling, just enjoying nature; but if you want to understand the phenomena of gravity and understand experimentally physics and may be go one day mechanically to our satellite, you´ll have to think why the apple is not staying quiet by the leaves of the tree. When i travel to a foreign country i love to compare the difference of prices; not only because i am poor in a world of false riches always looking for more, but because this helps me to understand economy (and our rules by which we live in common, socially). So, dear and pretty Petra, i do not know what to be hoping now: you reading 10 times this text or you understanding that "reading is theft"; sorry for all this literature.

Robín dijo...

Y no nos queda, por otra parte, más remedio que constatar que : "No hay palabras felices"

Allek dijo...

Hola que tal..
después de unos meses obcecados
vuelvo a tomar las riendas de mi Caja De Zapatos..
he vuelto con una nueva nota llamada “Secándonos”
te invito a que sigas leyendo..
un abrazo fuerte!!!